Preventing Winter Injury


Newly planted trees and shrubs, or those which were stressed during the previous growing season, are most likely to suffer winter damage. You can minimize damage by taking the precautions described below. Perennials: Cut back dead foliage and dispose of debris to prevent disease carryover. Mulch with a loose covering of hay …

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How Do I Plant My New Tree


Planting New Trees & Shrubs The instructions below are for trees and shrubs sold in plastic containers. We will be adding other references for bare root or balled-and-burlaped trees and shrubs soon! Digging the Hole Dig the hole approximately 2-3 times as wide as the soil ball. Measure the height …

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Caring for New Plants


A newly transplanted tree or shrub needs special watering, fertilization, and protective care. The most important basic need of your new plant is water. To much or too little water can kill your plant. If you plant in the spring or summer, water thoroughly when planted then every 2 or …

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Acid Loving Plants


The ability to grow any acid-loving plant depends greatly on the site selection and preparation. Because of their shallow, fibrous root system, azaleas, rhododendrons and blue berries require a soil that is uniformly moist, but not saturated. Light, well drained soils should be AVOIDED. Maintaining a uniform moisture supply can …

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