Caring for a Seeded Lawn

new-lawn-seedHow to Care for Your New Seeded Lawn

The seeded lawn must get exactly the same care as a sodded lawn except as follows:

  • Water more frequently but lighter – keep the surface of the soil wet at all times until the grass is 2″ tall.
  • Be especially careful on sloped areas. Water lightly, frequently to prevent erosion.
  • Some grass seed requires 21 days to germinate so it takes longer to get a lawn and it must be properly watered and protected a longer period of time.
  • It is possible to prevent weeds so you’ll have to use a good application of a good brand of “tripletonic” type fertilizer to fertilize the grass and kill the weeds, about 3 months after planting. NOTE: The timing on this is most important or you could destroy the grass.
  • Each grass plant spreads so don’t be alarmed if your lawn looks thin at first. Five grass plants per square foot is adequate.
  • We cannot guarantee against washout due to heavy rain of sprinkling. If it occurs. Fill in fully with topsoil, re-seed and treat as a new seeding or call us and we will repair it at a cost.

seeding-your-lawnThe continued success of your lawn depends on regular cuttings, never shorter than 2″. Always pick up the clippings. It needs regular fertilizing at least 3 times per year. Periodic weed killing and regular, heavy watering. Generally one thorough soaking every 2 – 3 weeks is adequate EXCEPT IN VERY HOT, DRY WEATHER.

A word of caution, though. Be careful not to water so heavily frequently as to keep your trees, shrubs and flowers water-logged. This is especially true if you have a sprinkling system. We’ve seen many plants drowned and killed by too much water!