Outdoor Firepits and Fireplaces

Ignite Your Evenings with Captivating Outdoor Firepits and Fireplaces

Elevate your Wisconsin outdoor living experience with the enchanting allure of Landscape Specialists Inc.’s outdoor firepits and fireplaces. Our designs blend the mesmerizing dance of flames with the artistry of outdoor aesthetics, creating spaces that beckon warmth, relaxation, and unforgettable gatherings under the open sky.

Crafting Hearthside Ambiance:
Imagine the soft crackle of flames and the cozy warmth of a roaring fire on a crisp evening. Our outdoor firepits and fireplaces infuse your landscape with a captivating ambiance, transforming your space into an inviting haven for both solitude and socialization.

Outdoor firepits, Waukesha, WI.
Outdoor patio in progress, Waukesha, WI.
Outdoor patio and firepit in Waukesha, WI.

Our Firepit and Fireplace Offerings:

Benefits of an Outdoor Firepit or Fireplace:

  • Fireplaces Provide an Option: Some cities have ordinances restricting or completely outlawing outdoor fires and even patio firepits. A fireplace, almost always, falls under a different category. Usually, the same as a grill for cooking, or a patio heater as a heat source. So LSI will check your local regulations and gather any required permits that may be needed to build your patio fireplace.
  • They Enhance Entertainment: By adding a firepit or fireplace to your patio, spring, summer, and fall entertainment can happen both indoors and outdoors. This provides you with an extension of living space that will enhance parties, cookouts, and relaxation spaces. People are naturally drawn to the flames of a fire. As a result, an outdoor firepit or fireplace will usually become a welcoming gathering space. 
  • Fireplaces Provide an Alternative to a Grill: Most people nowadays have gas grills. An outdoor fireplace with a grate gives you added grilling possibilities. You can roast marshmallows with either of the fire features LSI offers, of course, but a fireplace gives you additional opportunities. Such as offering your family and guests food cooked on an open flame using wood or even charcoal.
  • They Extend the Seasons: The warmth and comfort of an outdoor firepit or fireplace permit you to start enjoying your outdoor living space earlier in the spring and well into the cooler months of fall. Just throw on a sweater, get cozy with your beloved around the fire, and enjoy a romantic night of star gazing.
  • They Deliver Ambiance: No matter what you’re doing, both firepits and fireplaces provide a comforting ambiance. It takes a chilly evening and provides comfort, coziness, and warmth.

The Art of Design:

Crafting the perfect outdoor fire feature requires a harmonious balance between design and functionality. Our experts collaborate with you to understand your outdoor aspirations, ensuring every detail – from the material selection to the placement – aligns with your vision.

The Process:

Our journey begins with a consultation where we delve into your preferences, ideas, and lifestyle. With a deep understanding of your needs, we develop designs that seamlessly integrate into your landscape. Our meticulous approach to construction ensures your firepit or fireplace not only stands as a testament to beauty but also to enduring quality.

Why Choose Landscape Specialists Inc.:

Ready to Kindle Your Landscape’s Magic? Contact Us:
Experience the magic of outdoor fire features with Landscape Specialists Inc. Contact us today, and let’s collaborate on transforming your outdoor space into a haven of flickering flames and unforgettable memories. Your personalized outdoor sanctuary awaits.

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